Park Activities

Courses in trees…


Move around in altitude from tree to tree, through various games. Embark on the conquest of the trees through 80 games.

On the program, you’ll find rope bridges, Tarzan swings, giant steps.

The courses are meant to be progressive and adapted to everyone.

More than tree climbing, you can complete the courses again and again in total freedom of time.

Some instructors stay on the ground to give you advice and help you overtake the various obstacles.

Below, you will find the various courses we propose depending on the participant’s size.

Some practical details :

  • The age of the children determines which courses they can access.
  • The color of the courses indicates their difficulty level.
  • The activity is to be done progressively from course to course.

Small kid’s park: youngsters also have their own activity…

pitchounsChildren move around in a net hanging 4 meters above the ground.

On the program: shelters in the trees, balloons, rope labyrinth.

This way, the whole family will find their activity during their outdoors trip.

Pass PitchounPrice/pers.
8 €

Kids pass: like the adults…

Aventure Park178On the 3 yellow courses, children move around up to 4 meters high on games that are adapted to their size.

The difficulty is progressive. Youngsters start on a small and lower course in order to get used to height and to overtaking obstacles.

Size required : from 1.15 meters tall.

The activity is supervised by a team of nice instructors who will give the necessary advice.

Parents can either accompany their children on the courses or just stay on the ground to encourage the adventurers.

Pass KidPrice/pers.
From 1m15, yellow courses15 €

Starting pass: for a good start…

couple-pont-copieStart the activity with the easiest courses. These three yellow and three green courses are lower and are the easiest to do physically.

Get in shape and get used to height and to overtaking obstacles.

On the program :

  • Rope bridge.
  • Flying fox Size required.
  • From 1m 30 tall.
Pass Aventure DécouvertePrice/pers.
From 1m30, yellow and green courses, Tyrolcable22 €

Adventure pass: to have fun.

Higher and funnier courses that guarantee emotion and enjoyment.

Black course: challenge yourself.

This course is the higher one, more difficult and yet always so funny.

  • Big 80 meter-long flying fox Size required.
  • from 1m 60 tall.
Pass Aventure TotalePrice/pers.
From 1m60, yellow, green, red and black courses, tyrolcable27 €


Gigantic 800 meter-long flying fox.

There is no other gigantic flying fox like this one in Europe !

TyrolcableTwo slide of 400 meter- long 40 meter-high up to the lake of Pierre-Percée. Live this intense emotional moment fully !

The pass adventure upon include this big slide !

A few restrictions : This attraction is reserved for people weighing between 25 and 110kg.

From 25 to 110 kg10 €


Try the swallow dive from a 25 meters height…


Strong sensations lovers can treat themselves to the big shiver by jumping headfirst into space.

Live this intense emotional moment fully! Guaranteed adrenaline dose! What an unforgettable memory!

The adventure is complete when you do this big jump.

A few restrictions:

  • This attraction is reserved for people weighing between 40 and 110kg.
  • Parental authorization is demanded for minors.
Bungee JumpingPrice/pers.
From 40 to 110 kg.39 €
Bungee movie15 €.