Towed buoys  Bouée tractée

With our towed buoys (for 2 until 6 persons), you will have fun with family and friends.

Requirements for this activity are simple; The person must be at least 10 years old and be able to swim. Life jacket will be provided.

Bouée Tractée - Tour de 10 mn
Tarif enfant de 8 à 11 ans13 € / pers.
Tarif adulte (+ de 12 ans)15 € / pers.


Feel the rush on our outdoor paintball field.

This activity is open to all people aged 16 years old and over, under 18 need a parental consent.

Paintball packages include all equipment (face mask, plastron, paintball marker). You just have to bring along a pullover and a pants and paint used will not stain your clothing it you wash it quickly.

To enjoy this activity, it’s better to reserve in advance!!

Forfaits Paintball (+ 16 ans)Tarifs
Forfait 100 billes25 € / pers.
Forfait 250 billes32 € / pers.
Supplément 100 billes5 €
Carton 2000 billes70 €

Kayaks rental:Couple en kayak

Board one of our kayak (with one or more places) and navigate freely on the lake.

This activity is available from age 6.

TarifsLocation 1 hLocation 2 hLocation 3 h
Enfants ( 6 à 12 ans) 5,50 € / pers.10 € / pers.14 € / pers.
Adultes ( + 12 ans) 7.50 € / pers.11.50 € / pers.17 € / pers.

Pedal Go-kart

We have severa types of pedal go-kart!

3 wheels go-kart:Kart à pédales

A single tricycle for sport and fun; Available from age 10. It’s our sportiest model.

Steering-wheel go-kart:

For kids and grown-ups; available from age 4.

Family bikes:

We have four-seaters family models, ideal for a ride on the shore of the lake

Tarifs Location 30 minutesLocation 1 heure
Kart 1 place adulte ou enfant5.50 € / pers.7 € / pers.
Rosalie 2 places9.50 € la rosalie12 € la rosalie
Rosalie 4 places13 € la rosalie17 € la rosalie

InflatablesStructures Gonflables games

Children will find activites specially designed for them;

Inflatable obstacle course; A large inflatable slide and trampolines. Games are reserved for young people between 3 and 12 years old.

Accès Trampo'Tarif
À partir de 4 ans4 € / pers.

Beach-volley and soccer pitch Beach Volley

if you feel like organisin a little tournament between friends, a beach-volley and soccer pitch are at your disposal for your enjoyment.

Equipment provided: Balls and tunics.

Location du terrain de Beach Tarif
45 minutes de location25 € le terrain

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